Barney’s Grooves record store blows out its two candles…

DJ Barney will invest a part of the rue Carnot, in Vernon (Eure), to celebrate the two years of the shop, on September 5th.

As you enter Barney’s Grooves in Vernon (Eure), the essentials of the Disney collection rub shoulders with Marvin Gaye and Selah Sue, above the cash register.

It’s just like the whole shop, a haven for music aficionados of all kinds of music, from new wave to indie rock and French variété.

Balance sheet

At the end of August 2018, Laurent, alias DJ Barney, made a new professional turn after 22 years of career as a topographer cartographer, to open his first shop, rue Carnot, in a former video game store.

At the time, another Vernonnais, who also officiates behind the turntables, had marked the inauguration with a set dedicated to Aretha Franklin: Wax Tailor himself.” He is the godfather of the shop,” confides Laurent.

Two years later, the record store can boast a first balance sheet without a false note, not even with the health crisis.

In economic terms, it’s pretty good because I’m starting to pay myself a salary and by August 15, I had exceeded my turnover from August last year,” he says.


If the retailer has found a favourable echo with the public, it is also thanks to the large collection of CDs, books, cassettes and especially vinyl records, new or second-hand, 33 or 45 rpm, which have been enjoying renewed interest in recent years.The shop is always full, there’s a bond with the customers,” says this fan of Laurent Garnier, another French DJ, “He’s the one who educated me musically”.

Since the shop opened, the soundtrack to the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic – which depicts the rise of Queen’s leader Freddy Mercury – has been the most successful.

Generally speaking, rock classics such as Pink Floyd and the Cure are doing pretty well,” Laurent adds.

The American singer and jazz figure Nina Simone also took the track.

In addition, the Vernonnais will be present at the 11th edition of the Rock in the barn festival on September 11th and 12th for several DJ sets.” I’m relocating part of my shop for the occasion as I’ll have a stand there,” he smiles.

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